Hatha Essentials

Great for beginners as well as kids and seniors, participants will be guided through a series of basic asanas (yoga poses). The pace will be relaxed and the teacher will take you through each asana step-by-step. Participants can expect a gentle workout and to come away feeling calm and refreshed.


Hatha Flow

Perfect for newcomers and experienced alike, participants are guided through a series of asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) in an intuitive, moderately flowing sequence, with an emphasis on proper body alignment and breath awareness. No two classes are exactly the same. Expect to feel both rejuvenated and relaxed after our Hatha flow practice.


Hatha Rhythm

Hatha Rhythm is a mindful movement practice accessible for all levels. A grounding and energizing flow to start the day off feeling connected in body and mind. A playful flowing practice with a mix of stretching and strengthening Hatha postures. The class begins with mindful breathing exercises and relaxation, moving into a flow and finishing off with sustained stretches.


Yin Yoga

Focusing on the stretch, Yin yoga involves poses that are held for longer periods in order to facilitate soft tissue release. This class will improve your flexibility, joint health and energy levels. Suitable for beginners to intermediate alike.


This class is a combination of yin and yang. This practice begins with a slower-paced vinyasa flow to cultivate heat in the body. This heat helps prepare the body for the second more cooling half of the class. Which focuses on long, deep stretches in the yin style, holding poses for 2-5 minutes.

Gentle YIN-yasa

This yoga class combines an active (yang) portion and a passive (yin) portion. The yang portion of the class will involve some strengthening and standing postures to build some heat within the body. The yin portion will involve more floor postures, aimed at longer holds working on flexibility and mobility. The class will incorporate a gentle flowing aspect between postures, emphasizing slow, mindful movement with breath. This type of meditative practice is meant to calm the nervous system and create relaxation in the body and mind. This is an appropriate class for beginners to yoga, as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to slow their practice down. 

Yoga for Athletes

Want to improve your game? For amateur and professional athletes looking to include yoga as part of their training routine, this class focuses on the key principles of yoga for conditioning the mind and body for optimal health, fitness and performance. The teacher will guide you through a challenging and lively hatha style class, targeting muscle imbalances most often seen in sports. The theme of the yoga practice is customized depending on specific interests and needs. No yoga experience necessary but a baseline level of fitness is recommended.

Slow Flow & Meditation
This practice uses breath to bring awareness to physical sensations and draws attention to subconscious
processes. Asanas are used to generate energy internally while mindful breath allows for exploration of
the energy harnessed. Mantras evoke a vibrant stillness helping practitioners settle into a short
meditation following the active portion of practice. The safe space created amongst community allows
for in-depth self study in a comfortable environment.