What should I bring to class? 

  • Comfortable clothes. Layers are best. Consider a tank or tee shirt with a hoody. Tights are a great option. Sweats are fine but not too baggy as you will find they get in the way. Yoga is traditionally a barefoot activity but bring a pair of socks for Savasana (end of class pose) if you like.

  • Water bottle. We do not always have paper cups for water so best to bring your own refillable container.

  • Yoga mat. If you do no have one, there are mats available for use at no charge (we just ask that you give them a spritz and wipe-down after your class). We also have mats available for purchase.

  • Towel. Full length towels are not usually necessary.  A small hand towel to wipe your brow or dry your hands is typically all that is needed.

Must I pre-register for a class? 

This is not mandatory but always recommended. We are a small studio so should there come a day when a class is too full, clients who have registered in advance will be guaranteed a place. If a lot of students have pre-registered, the Instructor can advise students on best spots to unroll their mats to optimize space.

How do I reserve a place in class ahead of time? 

There are several options for booking a class: 



Online booking is quick and easy. On the Class Schedule page, click on the green "sign up" button for the class you would like to attend. This requires a one-time sign-on to create a profile.  After this, you can just click on the "sign up" button to pre-register. 

We get it! sometimes it's just better to speak with someone. Do not hesitate to give a call and we can get your class reserved over the phone. 

The best option after 5 PM when there is no one to answer the phone! We check our email messages frequently and aspire to answer any questions in a timely fashion.

Is there a place to store personal items?

The studio has a limited number of cubby's that may be used for storing your things. You may also tuck small items beside your mat. We kindly ask that all cell phones be away from your mat and turned off/muted for the duration of your class. 

I have never done yoga. What class would you recommend?

There are a number of classes offered for beginners.  Hatha Essentials is a Level 1 hatha class suitable for healthy individuals. It incorporates poses for strength, flexibility, mindfulness and balance. Gentle Yoga encompasses a similar repertoire but at a lower intensity. Yin Yoga focuses on the stretch and breath components of yoga. If you have limitations of any kind, Therapeutic Yoga may be the best option for you. This involves an assessment with a physiotherapist prior to attending the small-capacity (maximum 6) specialized hatha class.

Is this Hot Yoga?

Our studio is usually set at 21 to 22 degrees Celsius so it is "room temperature yoga". As you start moving through your practice, you will warm up organically - and maybe even perspire a little! - depending on the intensity of the class.