Yin Yoga

Focusing on the stretch, Yin yoga involves poses that are held for longer periods in order to facilitate soft tissue release. This class will improve your flexibility, joint health and energy levels. Suitable for beginners to intermediate alike.


This class is a combination of yin and yang. This practice begins with a slower-paced vinyasa flow to cultivate heat in the body. This heat helps prepare the body for the second more cooling half of the class. Which focuses on long, deep stretches in the yin style, holding poses for 2-5 minutes.

Gentle YIN-yasa

This yoga class combines an active (yang) portion and a passive (yin) portion. The yang portion of the class will involve some strengthening and standing postures to build some heat within the body. The yin portion will involve more floor postures, aimed at longer holds working on flexibility and mobility. The class will incorporate a gentle flowing aspect between postures, emphasizing slow, mindful movement with breath. This type of meditative practice is meant to calm the nervous system and create relaxation in the body and mind. This is an appropriate class for beginners to yoga, as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to slow their practice down. 

Yoga for Athletes

Want to improve your game? For amateur and professional athletes looking to include yoga as part of their training routine, this class focuses on the key principles of yoga for conditioning the mind and body for optimal health, fitness and performance. The teacher will guide you through a challenging and lively hatha style class, targeting muscle imbalances most often seen in sports. The theme of the yoga practice is customized depending on specific interests and needs. No yoga experience necessary but a baseline level of fitness is recommended.

Slow Flow & Meditation
This practice uses breath to bring awareness to physical sensations and draws attention to subconscious
processes. Asanas are used to generate energy internally while mindful breath allows for exploration of
the energy harnessed. Mantras evoke a vibrant stillness helping practitioners settle into a short
meditation following the active portion of practice. The safe space created amongst community allows
for in-depth self study in a comfortable environment. 


Yew Tree Yoga is pleased to offer Tuesday night Karma classes. Teachers Yanira Heredia and Annika Van Hell donate their time for this all-levels Hatha flow class in support of the BC Cancer Foundation. Donations for this class are gratefully accepted; although, monthly passes are also honoured.

Beginner Yoga 

Learn the basics of hatha yoga from Sun Salutations to Savasana. For beginners, participants will be shown the traditional hatha poses with an emphasis on proper body alignment and breath work. Interested in trying yoga? This is the perfect place to start!


Designed for you to get centered in a place of presence and commitment, this class offers guidance for all levels of experience. Quieting the mind and allowing breath to be the leader is the core foundation for the physically and mentally stimulating sequence of postures. This class will provide you with a greater understanding of each pose and leave you energized and integrated.

Group Sessions

Therapeutic yoga classes are small (maximum of 6 students) and involve active and restorative yoga in a supportive environment. Yew Tree Yoga offers classes specifically designed for clients with a variety of health challenges such as arthritis, post-operative joint replacements and cancer. A physiotherapy assessment is required prior to attending. Sessions may be covered under some extended medical plans. For more information, please call the studio.

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Cultivate deep relaxation and healing through the gentle practice of restorative yoga. This practice uses props and longer-held poses to allow the body to relax, relieving tension and stress. Yoga Nidra, a deeply restful technique, will be offered within this practice. Tapping into a conscious restful state will allow the body to heal and regenerate itself, especially in times of stress, fatigue, illness, or injury. Come relax, rest and restore. Suitable for all levels of experience.

This is a pre-registered class. Please click link below (then click the enrollments tab) or call us at 778-433-9202 to register for this special session

Date: Friday, March 27, 2020

Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Price: $25 (Yew Tree passes and punch cards are unavailable for use) 



Join us for a moon meditation circle to honour and nourish the lunar energy in ourselves and all other beings. The new moons are a time to reflect upon the changes of season and cycles that coincide within life and nature. Through guided meditation and mindful intention setting we will create a space to let go of what no longer serves us and take steps towards deeper self love, healing and manifestation. The circle will begin with a short session of yoga movement and breath to warm up the body and encourage creative energies. Bring a journal and pen! Suitableutible for all levels of experience.

This is a pre-registered class. Please click link below (then click the enrollments tabor call us at 778-433-9202 to register for this special session

Date: Friday, January 24th, 2020

Time: 7:30pm - 8:45pm

Price: $25 (Yew Tree passes and punch cards are unavailable for use)